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Mummy Blues

Hormones? I've become depressed again recently. This whole 'new mother', 'pregnancy', 'baby' subject is scaring me all of a sudden. I haven't been coping well with all these pregnancy symptoms and so I am beginning to doubt my abilities as... Continue Reading →


  My sleeping pattern is all wrong. Trying to get to sleep good and early, lets say 8-9pm, is always a great way to heal your body...until you wake up a few hours later! Usually my partner is a bad... Continue Reading →

The secret to absent pregnancy nausea!

Vomiting. What an interesting, cruel way to remind me I'm pregnant. Aside from gagging because of things I have been turned off of, I hurl even if I go from lying down to sitting up (and vice versa). I can't... Continue Reading →

Baby, where are you?

The first trimester of pregnancy is awful! Sure, the positive test was exciting and life changing but that doesn't compare with the sickness and other disgusting symptoms each day! (However as I venture toward the second trimester my symptoms are... Continue Reading →

The Old and the New

My partner is from Brazil, I love pronouncing his name because it rolls off the tongue: Marco Maciel Viveiros De Sousa, gorgeous name. Anyway, my mind was blown when he was describing Brazil to me, ITS A REAL PLACE! I... Continue Reading →

Suffocating, Smelly, Stinky

My blog is about random thoughts and ideas I wish to right about, I apologise for containing pregnancy in almost all of my posts so far but this is the only exciting I have going on right now. To the... Continue Reading →

Surviving as well as Relaxing

As you may know from another post of mine, I am expecting a baby. I'm still in the first trimester with extreme fatigue and nausea, so how I am surviving? Well, not only have I discovered refrigerated yogurt patches and... Continue Reading →

A Newly Developed Funny Bone

Back again for the third time today! Just a little blog this time. Ever since I found out I was pregnant I have developed a high amount of fatigue, I find myself sitting in bed almost all day, nearly everyday!... Continue Reading →

“We’ll be…ruined? Again!”

'Beauty and the Beast' 1991 has been modernized along with the other classics 'Cinderella' and the Grimm's Fairy Tales in 'Into the Woods.' Some my say that yet again Disney Pixar has created so many unmissable hits in which children... Continue Reading →

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